These sets are the first ones that are put on babies when they are born because of their ease of dressing them, because they have necks that still do not fully support their heads, and especially we recommend them if you are first-time! It is composed of the best natural materials and fabrics suitable for babies with sensitive or atopic skin.

Cotton is a natural fabric and very friendly to the delicate skin that a newborn has. Bamboo is a very, very light fabric! soft as well as absorbent. It is ideal for skin that is very sensitive and even for babies with atopic skin because it does not irritate and provides an unbeatable thermal sensation.

The upper part is crossed, that is, you put the jacket open on the bed, put the baby on top and start dressing him without moving him and the pants when wearing an elastic waistband is put on and that’s it! It is simple, comfortable and also fast.

Its colors and patterns make it unisex in addition to being a groundbreaking outfit, so if you don’t want to dress your daughter in pink or your son in blue and you want to get out of the mold or you don’t even want to know what gender your baby will have at birth, This is your product and if it is to give away, they will be eternally grateful

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