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  • Organic cotton dress BELIEVE

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    BELIEVE. It is a very powerful word. For a belief or lack of it, wars have been fought. Believe in something. I do not like it. Believe in someone. It does not convince me. Believe in yourself. We love that. When your children are capable of believing in themselves, of improving themselves, of feeling capable of anything, they grow strong inside and out. Our dress reminds them that they have to believe in themselves, feel capable and dare with everything. The cut of the asymmetrical dress, the 100% organic cotton from which it is made, and its message, matches perfectly with your personality, and with what you want to wear it; leggings, boots, ballerinas, sneakers ... Who else has to believe in it, is yourself. We recommend that you wash it like this wash inside out | machine wash cold | not tumble dryer | do not bleach | iron at low temperature
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    Appearance is an attitude that has been with us since we exist. In prehistoric times when a clan hunted a deer, the chief would later use his hide to show how powerful and brave he was. He hadn't hunted it alone, but he had to appear in front of other clans. The antler of the deer was a symbol to demonstrate his power. It is a pity that being much more rational beings, the appearance is so fashionable. Social media is the new prehistory, and we have traded deer antlers for material things. The truth is that appearance is just a facade. The important thing is the foundations and what one really feels, not the approval of the rest in the form of a heart. This dress enhances the feminine part of the girls, so that they feel strong little women, with determination, and that they do not care what others think. In an intense green color of 96% organic cotton and 4% elastane, plush with black polka dots. It has a central cut with black snap buttons to make it easier to put on. On the left side of the chest the logo of the brand is printed in matt gold. The baseball-type neck, brings out its most powerful side. Because the most important feelings come from oneself. [accordions id = "41461"] [accordions id = "41454"] [accordions id = '41456'] [accordions id = '41455']

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