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       OUR VALUES  


Si queremos hacer una construcción fuerte, que aguante muchos años y resista los envites que da la vida, nos aseguramos de que tenga unos cimientos sólidos. Esos cimientos en los niñes, se consiguen reforzando su personalidad, su confianza en elles mismos y enseñándoles valores, que les acompañarán durante toda su vida.

Unimos un estilo urbano, cuidado para los más pequeños a los materiales sostenibles. Trabajamos exclusivamente con tejidos naturales de algodón orgánico, bambú y algodón. Todos ellos con sus certificaciones.

Certificado GOTS– Garantiza que la obtención del algodón orgánico ha respetado todos los procesos medioambientales. Está libre de tóxicos y garantiza el trabajo digno de las personas que intervienen en toda la cadena de producción.

Certificado OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100– Garantiza que todo nuestro algodón y bambú están exentos de sustancias nocivas y son aptos para bebés y niños.

Utilizamos tejidos y materiales de temporadas anteriores para crear nuevas prendas y hacer uso de una economía circular tan importante en estos momentos.



         100% LOCAL PRODUCTION


The garments that arrive at your home are manufactured in Spain, in our own workshop in Madrid.
The designs we use are based on comfort and style, to achieve a balanced mix between the freedom they need to play and that they feel good in their day to day.
The messages that we include in our garments are always unisex and positive, focused on reinforcing their self-esteem and the values that they will need during their development, so that in the future they can become healthy and happy adults.




Get to know us for want of a coffee

The creative part, where the most demanding and crazy ideas become reality, belongs to Bea. With a restless mind. Demanding, equal parts between herself and others. She is the mother of this project. Like all mothers, with love, will and a lot of sacrifice, she is watching her dream grow.
She couldn’t live without fried eggs. If you want to see the dark side of her, you can break a yolk. A good tickle can leave her unnoticed and possess a highly contagious laugh. Her passion is rhythmic gymnastics. She began designing leotards for Spanish and later international clubs, and without realizing it, art was already part of her life.


The person in charge of what you read, both in these lines, and in our social networks, is Miguel. Since he began this life project, together with Bea, he has lived in love with the idea of being able to help girls and boys to highlight their essence and connect with positive values.
He believes there is only one correct way to put in the toilet paper and the dishwasher, and he loves night walks with my faithful friend Kiwi. Writing relaxes him and cooking makes him passionate. He loves to make people fat, he has a grandmother locked up inside.


Our children, Lucas and Oliver, in chronological order, and in order of intensity. Lucas is blond, restless and very affectionate. Oliver is dark, calm and affectionate at times. They are very different, they are the reason for starting our project (mainly Lucas), and although they are capable of turning our lives upside down, they are also our source of inspiration.





The brand name, is something
very personal. After our stay in the USA,
where we begin to visualize the concept
and lay the foundations of the project, Bea, when I went to the stores to
look for clothes for her, they always sent her
to the children’s section, the dependents,
they said it was “shortish”. When they created
the children’s brand fit
perfectly the concept in infantile, for
what they decided that something that was born there and
that so much relationship had with “being
small ”in such a personal brand had
to have room.

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